Douglas DC-3
The C47 had many names and countless functions. Known as the
Skytrain, Skytrooper, Dak, Dakota, Tabby, Spooky, Puff the magic
dragon, the Doug and the most endearing the Gooney Bird.
More pictures are available for viewing on Mike Wilsons' site. He has painted a number of liveries, including Airfast Indonesia, Aigle Azur and Duggy. He also
offers many high quality aircraft both free and low cost payware plus links to other quality sites.
This aircraft is fully 3D and does not have an option for a 2D panel. A joystick with one or more hat-switch's is highly recommended. I would recommend a
field of view set to at least 55 to 60 degrees within the Sim.  To download a tutorial in PDF format on joystick setup click
19.95 USD
-Animated throttle quadrant
-Animated yoke and rudder pedals
-Pilot heads animated with joystick input
-High resolution exterior including control surfaces for very clean      
shaping and lines......Plus much more....
This link will take you to the X-Plane Org Store
where you will be able to review and purchase.
            There have been over 50 liveries done by user's of the DC-3. Mike Wilson has complied a list at X-Plane.Org and can be seen here

          Airline                                 Cargo                                 C47                                 Float                             C-47Float   
Cockpit and Cabin
Will Davies has paint over 50 liveries for the
DC-3, some with the high resolution option
for X-Plane Version 9...Here are a few.
Liveries by Mike Wilson
A very well done video of the DC-3 and Cessna 195 by Simon Waters. This video is also featured on the Cessna-195 page
Updated to X-Plane Version 10
Version 9 Available