1963 Piper Comanche 250
14.95 USD
NOTE: For best view set field of view to 50-55 degrees in the rendering options menu of the sim.
A manual is included in PDF format with detailed instructions for operation. Also included is a text file with specs
and additional information.
The Piper PA-24 Comanche is a four-seat,
low-wing, all-metal, light aircraft with retractable
landing gear that was first flown in 1957. Together
with the twin-engine version of the same airframe,
the Twin Comanche, it made up the core of the
Piper aircraft line-up until 1972 when the production
lines for both aircraft were wiped out in a flood.
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Engine make/model: Lyc. O-540-A1A
Horsepower: 250
TBO: 2000
Propeller: Const. spd.3-Blade Hartzell
Landing gear type: Tri/Retr.
Gross weight (lbs.): 3000
Empty weight (lbs.): 1778
Useful load (lbs.): 1223
fuel (gals.): 60
Wingspan: 36 ft.
Overall length: 24 ft. 9 in.
Height: 7 ft. 3 in.
Wing area (sq. ft.): 178
Seating capacity: 4
Cabin width (in.): 45
Cabin height (in.): 47
Baggage capacity (lbs.): 200

Perfomance :

Cruise speed (knots):
75% power: 157
65% power: 160
Max range
75% power: 643
65% power: 960
Fuel consumption (gph):
75% power: 13.1
65% power: 12.3
Estimated endurance
(65% power ):
6 hrs.
Stall speed (gear, flaps down)
(knots): 58
Best rate of climb (fpm): 1350
Service ceiling (ft.) 22,000
Takeoff ground roll (ft.): 1095
Landing ground roll (ft.): 885
Highly Detailed 3D Cockpit
You will have the option of downloading two complete versions of the Comanche, see pictures below to
view each paint scheme. Also new for version 9.20 only is a version with tip-tanks for extended range.
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