Screenshots by Ethan Jewett
Cessna 195   "Shakey Jake"
The Cessna 195 was the
last "Round Engine"
produced by the Cessna
Company. I assume the
Jacobs engine gave it the
name :Shakey Jake"
This package contains a
Rescue Float, an
Amphibian, and a land
version. The amphib  
version features the Jacobs
275 hp engine, the land
and float version a Jacobs
300 hp engine. Please note
the land version is a tail
dragger, not for the
inexperienced pilot and will
take a bit of practice.
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Three complete variations included: A military rescue float, an amphibian, and a land version. This package also
contains a PDF file which contains flying tips and tips on setting up your joystick to work with the 3D panel. There
is no 2D panel, setting field of view in the Sim to 60 degrees allows viewing of most instruments while in 2D mode.
                              Some Cessna 195 stuff

Produced 1947-1954

Originally powered by the 240 Continental the 190 series evolved to have a
number of engine choices. Cessna even offered to install customers own
engines as an option. Imagine bringing your own engine and flying away a
satisfied customer!

The Jacobs R755-9 (L-4), 245 hp engine was used in the A model. This engine
was, and still is, available in great numbers. The “B”  is modeled here and as
stated used the Jacobs R-755B2 which has a noticeable power advantage, but
all the Jacobs were very reliable.

The float version offered here is the LC-126 Military Model

Span: 36 ft. 2 in.
Length: 27 ft. 4 in.
Height: 8 ft. 4 in.
Weight: 3,350 lbs. loaded
Armament: None
Engine: Jacobs R-755-A2 of 300 hp
Crew: One
Passengers: Four

I have also chosen to do the 195 as an amphibian. I have no evidence that the
195 was ever certified as an amphibian but due to requests I have included it
due to it's increased versatility.

This project originally was to include only a float version of the 195 but a land
version would have been imminent. After completion of the land version it has
turned out to be my personal favorite. I have also included a manual with some
Cessna facts and some tips for using the land version.


Base price: $68,000
Engine make/model:  Jacobs R755B2
Horsepower (hp): 275
Horsepower for takeoff (hp): 275
TBO hours: 1200
Fuel type: 100LL
Propeller type: Ham Std 2B20
Landing gear type: Fixed/Conv.
Max ramp weight (lbs): 3350
Gross weight (lbs): 3350
Landing weight (lbs.): 3350
Empty weight, std. (lbs.):
Useful load (lbs.):  1300
Payload, full std. fuel (lbs.): 845
Usable fuel, std. (gals.): 80
Wingspan: 36 ft. 2 in.
Overall length (ft.): 27 ft. 3 in.
Height: 7 ft. 2 in.
Wing area (sq. ft.): 218
Wing loading (lbs./sq.ft.): 15.4
Power loading (lbs.hp): 11.1
Seating capacity: 5
Cabin doors: 2
Baggage capacity (lbs.): 220

75% power, 7,000 ft. (kts.): 143

(w/reserve) (nm): 583

FUEL CONSUMPTION (gph.): 13 to 15

Estimated endurance, 65% (hrs.): 6
Vso (kts): 54
Best rate of climb, (fpm):  1135
Best rate of climb, 8,000 ft. (fpm): 550
Service ceiling (ft):  16,250
Takeoff over 50-ft. obstacle (ft.) 1605
Landing over 50-ft. obstacle  (ft.): 1495

14.95 USD
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Livery by Mike Wilson
A very well done video of the DC-3 and Cessna-195 by Simon Waters. This video is also featured on the DC-3 page
Updated to X-Plane Version 10 Version 9 Available