This Beech 18 is a Tri Gear Volpar Conversion. It is powered by two Pratt & Whitney R-985AN-14B Wasp Junior 9-cyl. radial piston engines
of 450 hp.  First produced in 1937 production continued until 1970. 32 different variants were produced with a total of more than 9000 aircraft.
Wing span: 49 ft 8 in / 15.14 m.
Length: 35 ft 3 in / 10.7 m
Height: 9 ft 4 in / 2.84 m.

Empty equipped: 5,845 lb / 2,650 kg
Max. takeoff: 9,900 lb / 4,490 kg

Max. cruising speed: 191 kt / 354 kph
Economical cruise: 160 kt / 298 kph
Initial climb: 1,400 ft per min.
Service ceiling: 21,400 ft
Range: 1,330 nm / 2,460 km with maximum
Tons of Features:
-GoodWay Compatible
-Lifelike pilot figure visible from outside views
-Animated controls
-Detailed cabin and cockpit in full 3-D
-Detailed exterior including:
-Custom prop disk
-Fully modeled 3-D engines
-Detailed landing gear
-All control surfaces animated
-High resolution geometry and textures
-Optimised for good frame rates
-Easy to read instruments, highly usable panel
-Retracting landing lights
-Animated cowl flaps
-Flight manual with detailed information
-And more.....

My Mission:
I design all aircraft on a mid-range computer. This
insures that performance is kept as high as
possible. My method combines use of textures with
external 3-D modeling programs to bring a balance
of form and function.
17.95 USD
A Field of View Setting of 60 Degrees
Within the Sim is Recommend.
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Updated to X-Plane Version 10
Version 9 Available